CoinMKT is now part of the ANX family

Instructions on how to withdraw your existing CoinMKT balance


Important note: your existing account balances are still available on your account and will not be transfer out automatically. Please use your existing CoinMKT login details to access these funds and ensure you withdraw them by April 30.

To make a withdrawal, click here to login to your existing CoinMKT account (

Once you are logged in, click the withdraw button in the main navigation bar:
If you have funds in you account, simply request a withdrawal via money order or wire transfer.
If you have coins in your account, you can transfer to your new CoinMKT account or to a new wallet.

If you would like to migrate your account to the new CoinMKT, click here.

Please contact for need any assistance.


posted on February 2, 2015

posted on February 12, 2015

CoinMkt is now managed by ANX, one of the top 10 largest crypto-currency exchanges in the world!

With the new CoinMkt, you can still trade popular cryptocurrencies as usual, but with additional benefits of being a member of the ANX family including the world’s first bitcoin debit card, trading in 10 major fiat currencies and higher liquidity!

As a returning CoinMKT customer, you will benefit from zero trading fees until March 3 2015. To migrate your account to the new CoinMkt, please click here. You will be required to set your password and reconfigure your 2 Factor Authentication.

Questions about your new CoinMKT account? Please contact us at

The CoinMKT team